In Love With Your Ex?

Are You Still In Love With Your Ex?

  1. If someone knocked on your door right now and you opened the door and it is your ex (smiling)... what do think you'd say?

  2. Do you and your ex text message, email or talk on the phone?

  3. Are you seeing someone else, and how do you feel about it?

  4. Would you consider dating your ex again if he/she came back?

  5. If you found a picture of the two of you together, you would...

  6. Breaking up with someone is hard. How was your break-up?

  7. Which one would you say is one of your favourite memories...

  8. What do you miss most when you think of physical closeness

  9. Do you still have with you something that belongs to your ex?

  10. If I asked you how you feel about doing this quiz, you'd say...