Do You Have A Struggle Mentality?

Do You Have A Struggle Mentality?

  1. You have one emotional crisis one after another, and your problems just never seem to go away no matter what you do

  2. You find it hard to be optimistic about things that trouble you

  3. You always find that you have to "play nice" just to get along

  4. You've many emotions and thoughts that seem out of control

  5. It seems that you're always explaining yourself or apologizing for things you said or did and were completely misunderstood

  6. You are so afraid that things will not get better now -- or ever

  7. You're angry at yourself for sabotaging good things in your life

  8. Love is a struggle. That is a fact of life we all have to live with

  9. Others seem to always get favours, compliments, attention etc, but when you try to do what they do, it doesn't work for you

  10. It is hard to admit to ourselves that we’re drama queen or king