Better & Bolder – 2

Hi [wlm_firstname]!

Welcome to Weeks 2. Like most, you may still be riding on a roller coaster of shifting emotions, some days better than others. Nothing to be ashamed of, this is the ‘natural’ grieving process

This week’s focus is on processing intrusive, uncontrolled and unwanted thoughts that can sometimes lead to confusion, anger, guilt, anxiety, loneliness, yearning, helplessness or even depression.

I encourage you take a more active approach and pay attention to, in an objective manner, the condition of your mind. The watcher self is a tool for grounding your mental and emotional energies in the present.

IMPORTANT: Content is arranged in such a way that each post is a continuation from the last post. This is to ensure that you are learning and healing all at the same time. Please click on the “next topic’ at the end of the article to go to the next topic or “previous topic” to go back. However, depending on your device, the previous and next topic function sometimes does not work well. To make sure you read ALL the articles for the week, please refer to “This Week’s Topics” on the right bar, and click the next article on the list. That way you don’t skip some articles and miss out on the information and tools.

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Take good care of yourself!