Better & Bolder – 3

Hi [wlm_firstname]!

Welcome to Week 3. I’m really hoping that by now there is not only a change in how you feel, but also a shift in your thinking. Nothing really changes until we change our thinking.

In this week, we’ll be focusing on the balance between acceptance and effort or action, control and being In control, wanting something and not showing that we want it so bad that we either act needy and clingy, or come across as needy and clingy. This segment also includes how to ask for what we want in ways that don’t cause resistance or damage the relationship; and how to receive love when not offered in a ways that we’d have liked or believe should be the “right” way.

If you are trying to get your ex back or want to someday, the coming weeks may well decide if you can and will succeed — or not!

It’s “work”, but it’s work worth the effort!

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Hang in there!