Emotional Test

Where Are You On The Emotional Roller-Coaster?

  1. I know what I should do but often cannot find the will to do it

  2. I have low self-esteem and feel like I messed this up big time

  3. I have so much sadness, so much disappointment and anger

  4. I work compulsively just so that I don't feel the hurt and pain

  5. Some days are bad, but lately I mostly have more good days

  6. I've read many books, taken online courses, and even done therapy, but the pain is just as intense as when we broke up

  7. I feel like I am just going through the motions - on auto-pilot

  8. I often think about the things that happened in my childhood

  9. I'm struggling to find meaning in my life. It seems so pointless

  10. I feel so out of control. I feel like my whole life is out of control