It’s All Up to You Now!

Knowledge is just a small part of the journey to bouncing back better and bolder. The “real work” begins and ends with what you do with what you now know and are aware of.

My hope is that you don’t just read through the information because you think it has some “magic powers” to take away the pain, clinging and neediness. It won’t. What will is you putting the information into practice in real life.

Like any new behaviour, changing from a needy and clingy to confident and secure ex will not happen overnight or even within a few days or months. It takes time, but one thing I can guarantee is that if you do the necessary work outlined in the course, someday you will look back and ask yourself, “How did I get through all of that?” ‘How did I get here?” – and you will be smiling!

All the very best & lots of love!