Doing The Right Thing When The Opportunity Presents

Sometimes it can be that it’s not the right time to act, in that case let go trying to force anything to happen and just be ready to act in the most efficient manner when the opportunity presents itself.

This is not the same as sitting it out waiting for the perfect conditions with no risk. Sitting it out because you are waiting for no risk before you make the next move is not waiting for the opportunity to presents itself. That’s cowardice. That’s fear of rejection, fear of failure and/or perfectionist tendencies. That’s you trying to control what happens for a particular outcome. Chances are you’ll be sitting around reading internet articles until you give up altogether.

Anything worthwhile requires action. But action taken out of fear, obligation or frustration often makes things worse. That’s why it’s not only important to wait for clarity before talking action, but to be able to recognize the opportunity to act.


The question I sometimes get asked by my clients is, “How can I trust that I will do the right thing when the opportunity presents itself?”

It’s hard to trust yourself do the right thing when you do not believe in yourself or when you do not have the right frame of mind. In the previous segments, I talked at length about how the right mindset is important, and how having beliefs that actually support us creates the right mindset.

Without a belief in ourselves and without the right mindset, we will worry and over think ourselves silly, when the opportunity hasn’t even presented itself. And when the opportunity for action does presents itself, we will screw it up or  fail to act because we scared ourselves motionless with our own thinking.

Over-thinking or worrying about an opportunity that hasn’t even presented itself is forcing ourselves to make decisions and choices that we may never even have to make. In other words, it’s a waste of time. The way the opportunity will present itself, may not be how you imagined in your head, or things could change suddenly and quickly without warning.

Waiting for a moment in which you are capable of taking the right action is letting go trying to control what comes up and trusting that you will handle whatever comes up. If you doubt your ability to deal with things as they come, it helps to surround yourself with people who have a strong belief in themselves and demonstrate it by how they handle whatever life throws in their way. Seeing first hand how they do it will not only help you survive the long and difficult times but more than that thrive in times of uncertainty.


In uncertain situations, it is better to be able to act in the unfolding moments than have the perfect plan or strategy.