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This is an online course, which means that all content is read on the website — nothing to download or mail. Because it is a weekly course, it also means that you do not have access to all the material/content at once. You have access to only the content for the week/level you are paid for. In week one, you have access to one week’s content (level 1). In week 2, you have access to more advanced content and more in week 3 until you complete all theĀ 4 weeks. It starts from the basics and gets more advanced as the weeks go on.

I’m aware that this is going to be hard for some of you because the NEED TO KNOW and know NOW, and the NEED TO HAVE and have NOW is part of the needy and clingy MO. But if you are sincere about wanting to unlearn neediness and clinginess, then waiting until the next week “to know” and “to “have” is good practice.

Each week has it’s own set of topics to help in your healing and growth. When you click on the first topic of the week, you’ll see to your right “In This Segment”, a listing of the topics covered for the week you are registered for.

Content is arranged in such a way that each post is a continuation from the last post. This is to ensure that you are learning and healing all at the same time. Please click on the “next topic’ at the end of the article to go to the next topic or “previous topic” to go back. However, depending on your device, the previous and next topic function sometimes does not work well. To make sure you read ALL the articles for the week, please refer to “In This Segment” on the right, and click the next article on the list. That way you don’t skip some articles and miss out on the important information and tools.

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Change requires ongoing effort and action. It’s not enough to just read material and keep it at the “mental” level. Commit sometime doing the exercises that have been designed to draw out YOUR own inner wisdom.

Know Yourself Quizzes

While it may seem like a waste of time, the quizzes are useful in showing you how you act and react to certain situations and also at showing you how you feel about yourself.

Community Support:

Having people who care and support you and sharing your true feelings is an important part of healing and growth. It’ll help a lot to visit the ” Message Board” as often as possible.