Almost 50% OF YOUR SUCCESS getting back your ex depends on the work you’ve done on yourself.

No matter how many “get your ex back” books you read and no matter how well you follow a set of rules and techniques, at the end of the day, your ex has to believe that you are a better partner than the person he/she broke up with for him/her to even consider giving the relationship another chance.

The more you remain the same, the more you convince your ex that NOTHING HAS CHANGED, and because nothing has changed the RELATIONSHIP JUST CAN’T WORK.

All that can change when you learn to BE IN CONTROL of your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. How to maintain contact without overdoing it. How to create closeness in away that’s comfortable for your ex. And how to ask for what you want in a way that increases your chances of getting it.

The “new you” will have energy that’s not just emotionally HEALTHY, but emotionally ATTRACTIVE as well.

If you sign up today, you get…

1. ACCESS TO EXCLUSIVE CONTENT — It’s like coaching with me because you have access to some of my coaching notes, material that’s not been posted anywhere on any of my websites or blogs.

2. FREE EMAIL COACHING — After you complete the course,  and you strongly feel that you still want your ex back, you can email me and ask me at least 2 questions (one a week, no more than 500 words) on how to proceed getting your ex back. I normally charge $25 per question/correspondence but you get to ask 2 questions (worth $50), at no extra charge. You must be in contact/stayed in contact with your ex to benefit from this offer.

3. DISCOUNT ON PHONE COACHING —  You get automatic 20% on all phone coaching packages. You SAVE up to $180.


How often will you receive content?

Information is only helpful if it’s timely, relevant, unbiased and credible. We promise to do whatever is necessary to provide you with new material every week (sometimes twice a week), so you can count on getting advice regularly and often to help you move to the next level of your healing process. The course takes only 4 -weeks.

How long do you have to be a member to see results?

Immediately, we hope. Most people will tell you that you need at least 3 months of “no contact” to work on yourself before you can re-introduce yourself to your ex. Not so with THIS program.

We understand that this process can be very uncomfortable and overwhelming at times, and will require a strong commitment to your goal, that’s why we highly recommend that you complete all the 4 weeks to take advantage of the valuable and powerful information, tools and resources.

Whether your ex left because you were too needy and clingy or things have gotten so bad with your ex in the last few weeks that some damage control is in order, you will be able to change the dynamics between you and your ex. The “new” you will be kind of a surprise that’ll make him/her want to come close to find out more.


Will you continue to let your thoughts, emotions, and experiences CONTROL you, or will you take CONTROL of your thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

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