About Me

Hi, call me Yangki (pronounced “Young!-key”) or Christine or simply, Akiteng (pronounced “Ah-key-etay-ng”), your choice… );

For starters, I’m so very ordinary in that I’m not some kind of know-it-all “guru” or a “moral expert” on how everyone else SHOULD live their lives. I’m just a love coach, but one with years of experience, a unique perspective and a sincere desire to be of help.

Although my academic training is in Psychology, my knowledge of relationships and what I pass on to my clients comes from ordinary people like yourself who have made this journey before you. And as you’ll read from my story below (we all have one, don’t we?! ), I’ve been blessed to be in a position where I can help others, not because I’m “better” than the people I help, but because I am “them”.

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